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Christian Word Search


The Bible Word Search is a classic word puzzle themed on Christianity and the Bible. Taking over 600 religious words and using them in a classic word search game. You may know the game as other names like word grid, word hunt, word square or letter soup.The objective of the bible game is a simple one yet somewhat addictive, fun and relaxing. You will be presented with a list of Christian Bible inspired words at the bottom of your screen and the challenge is to locate them among the jumbled up letter grid. Once you have found a word tap, hold and drag to select the word and eliminate it from your word list.
The game has 5 difficulty settings to choose from:
Kids 6 x 5 letter gridEasy 7 x 10 Normal 9 x 11 Hard 11 x 13 Very Hard 16 x 16 (only 2 words to find sounds simple, but it really isn't challenge yourself!!)
You can choose to play the game with or without a timer. If you are using a timer you will be presented with the option to save your personal best scores to the leaderboard.
The Christian Bible Game we have created will keep you busy for many hours, and will help you relax and learn. You can play this while on the go, while on a break at work, before you go to bed or at a time when you need to feel closer to the Lord.
⦁ 5 difficulty settings⦁ 600+ Bible game words⦁ Educational, Learn Christian and Bible words⦁ Reverse select words option.⦁ Sound on or off option⦁ Leaderboard ⦁ 100% Free⦁ Timer on or off⦁ literally 1000's of different puzzles⦁ HD Screens and simple but clear and attractive graphics